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What is a security device?

A security device may be either a small, physical, electronic token (security token) that you order through a branch or iBank or a password generator application (Security App) that you can download via the internet to your mobile phone. These devices generate a unique ‘One Time Password’  (OTP) that must be entered before completing certain functions of iBank and Hume's App. Each password can only be used once and only within 30 seconds of being generated, therefore making the device akin to a physical key that must be in your possession before proceeding. These devices add an additional layer of authentication to secure access to your internet banking, and are highly recommended.

Security devices are compulsory for all new customers with iBank access and when existing customers make any alteration to their iBank access. 

You will be prompted to enter the password generated by your security device during the following functions in iBank (where you have registered a security device) and in Hume's App (in all cases where functionality is available):

External transfers to new payees
BPAY® transfers to new payees
Cheques to new payees
Updating contact details
Updating password details
Updating existing payees

Security devices (both mobile and token) are offered free of charge to Hume customers*.

*Hume provides one free physical security token to individual customers and 4 free tokens to business customers, additional tokens will incur a charge of $20 per physical token.

Do I need a security device?

If your transfer limit is $2001 or higher then you will need a security device to enable external transfer transactions. Those with a lower limit may still wish to acquire one for a greater level of security.

How much does a security device cost?

Individual customers can obtain a free physical device (business customers are entitled to four) and there will be a $20 charge for any additional ones required. (Security App's can be downloaded an unlimited amount of times free of charge)

How do I get a security device (mobile or physical)?

These can be ordered through iBank at any time. Physical tokens can be mailed to you or collected in branch, whilst mobile tokens can become available for download on your device at any time. 

To order a security device...

  1. Log into iBank, hover over the 'My Options' menu and then select 'Security Devices'. 
  2. Select your preferred delivery (either physical token or mobile download) and indicate whether you agree to the terms and conditions for using the security devices.
  3. Select request.  If you've opted for a mobile download then you will have to open on your smartphone to download the Security App 'VIP Access' for your device. 


After you've requested a token a Hume staff member will be in contact via phone to confirm. Following this confirmation, upon your next login to iBank you'll be prompted to activate your token. See 'How do I activate my security device' below for more information on this. 

How do I activate my security device?

After requested a security device, and Hume has received and accepted this request, you will be presented with an activation screen upon your next log in to ibank:


If you're yet to receive your physical token or you don't have time to activate now, then you may choose "activate later". Otherwise:

  1. Click 'Activate Now' and select the image that corresponds to your token.
  2. Enter the devices ID (For physical tokens, this is the S/N number on the rear of the device, for mobile tokens this is the 'Credential ID' shown on the first page of the app.
  3. Enter the devices one time password. (For physical tokens, press the button on the front of the device. For mobile tokens, enter the 'Security code' on the first page).
  4. Enter the next one-time password generated by your device. (For physical tokens, wait for the screen to clear and then press the button again for another code to generate. For Security App's, wait 30 seconds for the first code to expire, then enter the new code that is automatically generated).
  5. Select 'activate now'.

Can I swap my physical token for a Security App?

Yes, simply download the token app ('VIP Access') by visiting on your mobile device, then contact Hume on 1300 004 863 to process to the swap.

What if I need to reinstall the Security App? (i.e after an update, factory reset, or for a new phone).

Please install the app as per above instructions before contacting Hume on 1300 004 863 to reassign your new mobile token to your account. Please have your device ready when you contact Hume.

Can I use my security device anywhere?

Your security device can be used wherever you can log into iBank or Hume's App. This includes overseas and remote areas. If you are using a Security App but don’t have mobile device coverage, the App on your mobile will still work.

What happens if I need urgent access to secured functions in iBank or but I don't have my security device with me?

Hume may be able to disable your security device temporarily until a replacement can be arranged. Contact Hume for more information.

What if I lose my security token?

If you lose your security token you must report it to Hume immediately by phoning 1300 004 863.

How do I replace a security device?

Please visit any Hume branch to obtain a replacement security token or download a Security App directly to your phone by typing into your mobile browser. In either case, you must contact Hume to deactivate your current security device before a replacement security token can be issued or a Security App can be activated – please allow 1 working day for this to be processed. If you have requested a security device to be posted to you, please allow 2 working days for this to be mailed, plus postage time.

How long does the battery last in a security token?

Approximately 3 years. Your token will display the word ‘disabled’ when the battery is low.