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If you have a card, code, PIN, passbook or chequebook you must ensure that you:

  • Keep your card and code seperate at all times.
  • Sign your card immediately when you receive it.
  • If you receive a replacement card, immediately destroy the card that it is replacing.
  • Never record your code/PIN or account number on an item that can be used by others to access your account.
    • e.g - never write your code/PIN on your card.
  • Keep your card and code/PIN to yourself and do not disclose them to any other person.
  • Make sure that no other person can see you entering your code/PIN or obtain access to your code/PIN in any way when you use elevtronic equipment (e.g ATM).
  • Do not keep a record of your code/PIN and account number on or in an article (e.g address book in purse) carried with your card so that they are liable to loss or theft at the same time as the card.
  • Take extra precaution when using a shared computer terminal.
  • Do not access Hume Connect from a telephone where all the numbers dialled are recorded (e.g from a hotel room for billing purposes).
  • Do not use your birth date (e.g 111101), recognisable part of your name (e.g Jen), an easily guessed combination of letters (e.g ABC) or numbers (e.g 12345) as your self-selected code.
  • Change your code regularly where you are able (we suggest at least every 3 months) (e.g Hume Connect, iBank).
  • Keep your passbook and chequebook in a safe place and under your control.
  • Do not keep your chequebook or passbook with any document (e.g driver's license) containing your signature.
  • Do not sign blank cheque forms - all details should be completed before you sign a cheque.
  • Examine entries on your account:
    • Each time you receive a statement or update your passbook; and/or
    • Each time you log on to iBank or use Hume Connect.


Tell us as soon as possible or any instances of unauthorised use or suspected unauthorise use.