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Don't let scammers "tax" you this season...

Hume Bank

Hume customers should be aware of scammers taking advantage of the busy tax season to target you!

Scammers pretending to be from the ATO will typically approach you by phone or email and spin a range of tall tales to trick you into handing over your personal details or money.

A common tax time scam involves scammers claiming that you have overpaid your tax and are entitled to a refund, but that you have to pay a tax or administration fee upfront in order for the money to be released.

Another tax scam is based on the ruse that you owe money due to a miscalculation from the previous financial year. Scammers also continue to pedal the classic phishing scam where they ‘fish’ for your details by asking you to verify your details.

Scammers use a number of tools to slip under your radar you at tax time – from impersonating an ATO representative, to creating official looking emails and email addresses, to creating sleek and professional-looking websites that mirror the ATO site. They have even been known to create web portals that appear to be hosted on the ATO site, which are designed to trick you into providing your personal details.

Some scammers may even recite some personal information about you to trick you into thinking they’re the real deal. These days, it’s easy for scammers to get a hold of personal information from social media and other networking forums.

Your personal details, including your Tax File Number, credit card or bank details are valuable and should never be provided to a stranger. If you hand over your personal information to a scammer, they can use it to commit identity theft and steal your money. You should also be very wary of any requests to send money via money transfer – it’s nearly impossible to recover money sent this way.

Protect yourself!

  • If you recieve an unexpected email or phone call from the ATO, delete or hang up. You can always contact the ATO on 13 28 61 to verify the call or email.
  • Be careful who you share your personal and tax information with, and never publish your tax file number on social media!
  • Ensure you keep your computer up to date with the latest ani-virus, anti-spyware and strong firewalls.
  • If you think you may have provided your banking details to a scammer, contact Hume immediately!