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Staying safe and secure from scams

Hume Bank

The new Financial Year is a timely reminder to be extra vigilant of scammers who often utilise ‘tax time’ to start a conversation with unsuspecting customers.

Scams can be described as a scheme that takes money or goods from an unsuspecting person. Scammers trick you into giving out personal information and they often pretend to be from a legitimate business or even the Australian Tax Office. Contact can be made by email, social media, phone call, or text message.

There are many ways you can get scammed, and we have compiled a list below to help you be on the lookout for any suspicious interactions:

Phone calls – Calls may come from real people or via text message. These callers often make false promises e.g., opportunities to buy products, investment opportunities, winning money etc.

Social Media – Fake business profiles are often setup temporarily to advertise cheap products that re-direct to a fake website mimicking a real website. These fake versions of real websites are solely created to collect your personal information.

Email – These emails can appear to come from large organisations that redirect you to a legit looking website (fake website) that requests your personal information. These details can be used to steal your financial information.

Text Message – Scammers send text messages that appears to be coming from reputable organisations like the ATO – these messages may request personal information like your password or financial information and may request you to provide payment.

So how do you protect yourself from these scammers?

  • Do not click on any links supplied in suspicious emails, text messages or social media.
  • Never provide your personal, credit card or online account details if you receive a call claiming to be from your bank or any other organisation. Instead, ask for their name and contact number and make an independent check with the organisation in question before calling back.
  • Hume Bank does monitor accounts to ensure security, but we will never ask you to supply full card information over the phone.

If you ever suspect you’ve been targeted, get in touch with us immediately on 1300 004 863, so we can help ensure you and your account remains safe.

Learn more about keeping yourself safe from scams online and over the phone visit: