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Reliable International Payments

Need to send money overseas to family, friends or business suppliers? Hume, in association with Western Union Business Solutions is the one-stop shop for international transactions of any size to 200 countries in over 130 currencies.

You can now register to send international payments via iBank by calling 1300 004 863 or by visiting a Hume branch.


Send money in 130 currencies, to 200 countries


Fast, reliable and secure


Backed by Western Union Business Solutions


Foreign Exchange Rates

International Transfer Options


Hume Bank, in association with Western Union Business Solutions offers two options to send funds abroad; Telegraphic Transfers and Drafts. Click below to learn more about which option is right for you. 

Telegraphic Transfers (TTs)

A Telegraphic Transfer (also known as a “Wire”) is an electronic transfer of funds directly credited to a beneficiary’s overseas bank account. A choice of more than 130 currencies is offered. 

Why should I use a TT?

In most cases sending a TT in the beneficiary’s currency is usually more cost effective and helps ensure the funds are credited more quickly (normally one to two business days to reach the beneficiary).

What details do I need to send a TT?

You will need to provide full details of the receiver’s bank account, including their IBAN (International Bank Account Number) if they are in Europe.
To comply with Australian Government regulations you must also provide the beneficiary’s full street address. Please note that TT’s are sent via a network of correspondent banks, which sometimes levy a small handling charge on your payment. Any such fees are totally out of Hume Bank and Western Union Business Solutions' control. Given that a network of banks is used to complete your telegraphic transfer, the time it takes for your payment to be credited cannot be guaranteed.

How can I send a TT?

You can send a TT in AUD or foreign currency at any Hume branch, alternatively you can register to send a TT in foreign currency through iBank. 


A Draft is like a bank cheque made out in a foreign currency. It’s another way for you to make payments and settle a transaction overseas, especially if you don’t have the receiver’s electronic bank account details. Drafts can be sent overseas via mail and are available in a wide range of currencies.

Why should I use a draft?

  • Can be enclosed with letters or invoices and forwarded direct to the payee.
  • Should your Draft go missing in transit, upon your notification, Western Union Business Solutions will normally be able to put a stop on it and issue a replacement. Conditions apply – click here for a Drafts Product Disclosure Statement.
  • Offers security around payment – Drafts are a non-negotiable instrument and can only be credited to the payee’s bank account, unless the payee has endorsed the draft.
  • Access to more than 25 currencies. 


What transfer details do I need to supply?

For us to arrange the draft you will need to provide us the details of the person you’re sending the money to (beneficiary).

  • Person’s full name
  • Person’s full street address
  • Any special instructions for the transfer
  • Currency and amount


Sending Money Overseas Charges

Send a Telegraphic Transfer in a foreign currency 

$30 (in branch)

$15 (via iBank)

Send a Telegraphic Transfer in Australian Dollars $50 (in branch)
Send a draft $15
Convert a cheque in foreign currency with less than $25,000 equivalent value $10
Convert a cheque in a foreign currency with more than $25,000 equivalent value $50

The financial products referred to in this communication are provided by Western Union Business Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 24 150 129 749 AFSL 404092, trading as Western Union Business Solutions (“WUBS”), under its agreement(s) with your Financial Institution. Fees & Charges and Terms & Conditions apply.

It's important for you to consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) and any other relevant WUBS documents before you decide whether or not a financial product is right for you. A PDS is available here. Any advice provided above is general and does not take account of your personal objectives, financial situation or needs.

This communication has been prepared solely for informational purposes and does not in any way create any binding obligations. The relationship relating to the financial products referred to in this communication are solely between you and the Financial Institution. No representations, warranties or conditions of any kind, express or implied, are made in this communication.

Western Union Business Solutions is an operating division of the Western Union Company. Western Union is the issuer of the financial products referred to in this communication.