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Life Tech Challenge 2018 - Competiton details coming soon

Alex Sweetman - Winner 2017

'Lift Me Up' App

Alex’s innovation the ‘Lift Me Up’ mobile app aims to provide mental health resources and support to those in our local region.  

“The technology aspect of it is underpinned by a professional counselling model, but what makes it different is that it will use the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning to have an intuitive, personalised experience”, shared Mr Sweetman. 

A $10,000 prize and extensive mentorship with Possumworks, Litton Legal, Creativeworkz and Southern Cross Austereo will assist Alex in the development of the app.  



We would also like to extend our congratulations to Ben Taylor, Jane Harris and Dimity Brassil of ZolveIt and Judy Bradley and Malcolm Thompson of Tecbox who placed second and third respectively. 

The finalists

Jane Harris

Jane Harris

Coming from a small business owning and consulting background, Jane and her team have been working to create an innovative solution designed to alleviate the stress associated with software and product selection. 

Zolveit - An application designed to suggest tailored product and software selections based on key search criteria. 

Torquil McKillop

Torquil McKillop

Dr McKillop founded his invention based on the need to remove the poor health and humiliation that comes from what is often seen as outdated technology when dealing with wounds and surgeries for our pets. 

Electronic Elizebethan Collar - Designed to replace the physical elizebthean collar with electronic sensors that send a mild stimulus to the animal when the face gets too close to the identified wound. 

Alex Sweetman

Alex Sweetman

A need stemming from his work with counselling and a gap seen in our local community, Alex's technology provides users the ability to access tailored mental health resources that are often seen as out of reach for those who need it most. 

Mental Health App - A mental health app that provides tailored counselling and professional mental health resources within their local area. 

Andrew Konecnik

Andrew Konecnik

Inspired by his wife's challenge to match it with the best, Andrew's risen to the mark by proposing a product that not only has the ability to improve the health of the next generation, but also tackling landfill issues that often arise from excess wastage. 

Bottleblock - A newly designed bottle intended to be fun, convenient and collectible. It is hoped that this design encourages healthy habits and reduces landfill.

Malcolm Thompson

Malcolm Thompson

A solution that is already helping those involved in a nursing home trial, Malcolm wants to put his invention in the spotlight for the world to see. It is hoped that his product will assist those that are feeling isolated by sensory limitations through providing opportunities to interact with technology. 

Tecbox - A remote and multimedia program which allows accesibility to technology that is often hard to utilise for individuals with sensory health issues. 

Pitch Criteria

  • The idea is yours and yours alone… and it will stay that way!
  • The Prize is for you to develop your solution and to make it real.
  • We’d really like to see your solution within 12 months of judging.

    • You will be judged on your;
      • Creativity
      • Use of technology
      • Impact on people you’re trying to help
      • Pitch! Impress us!
  • The mentorship is designed to see you and your innovation succeed.


A copy of the Terms and Conditions for the Life Tech Challenge 2017 can be downloaded here.