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<h2>Want to switch to SMS authentication?</h2>

Want to switch to SMS authentication?

Customers currently using security tokens for their current authentication process can switch to SMS free of charge. 

Once logged in to iBank, go to My Options > Security device and register. Login to iBank and switch to SMS today. 

Switch to SMS

New customer? Start with iBank and follow these simple steps.

  1. Open iBank here. 
  2. Key in your customer number and password. Don't remember your initial password? Call our Contact Centre on 1300 004 863.
  3. We'll send you an SMS security code.
  4. You'll be prompted to change your password once logged in. 
  5. All done, you're ready to go with iBank and Hume Bank's App. 
Switch to SMS authentication

What banking can I do online?


  • Manage and view your accounts, balances, transactions and interest
  • Move money between your accounts, and to others
  • Receive and pay your bills using BPay
  • Schedule automatic payments
  • View your statements online with eStatements


  • Activate and manage your Hume Bank Visa Debit and Credit cards
  • Open new accounts
  • View your transactions history
  • Find your BSB and Account Number details
  • Add cards into your Digital Wallet

Forgotten your password, or just need to change it?

If you have a Security Device enabled.

For those with a Security Device enabled, click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the iBank login page and follow the prompts. 

We can also use your Security Device to help verify your identity over the phone with our Contact Centre available on 1300 004 863. Have your Security Device ready, we'll then run through some quick questions to verify your ID and we can then help reset your password. 

If you don't have a Security Device enabled.

To keep your accounts and information secure, we'll need to verify your identity in branch or over the phone with our Contact Centre on 1300 004 863. After that, we can reset your password and enable SMS Authnetication for your account. This will allow you to easily reset your password yourself in the future.

Click to find your nearest branch.


Frequently asked questions.

What devices can I use to bank online?

You can use your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

What do I need to get started?

  • Your preferred digital device - mobile phone, tablet or desktop
  • Customer number
  • Your password
  • Mobile phone

So what next?

Login to iBank or download Hume Bank’s App and login with your customer number + password.

What if it’s my first time logging in?

Login to iBank here. Keep your customer number, initial password and mobile handy. You’ll need your mobile to receive your SMS authentication to set a new password.

What if I can’t remember my password?

Go to the iBank login screen and follow the prompts with our Password Reset tool. You will need a Security Device enabled to use this.

If you don’t have a Security Device enabled, visit us in branch or call our Contact Centre on 1300 004 863 and our staff can help you reset it.

What if I forgot my customer number?

Don’t worry, you can find your customer on your bank statement you may have received previously.

Alternatively, you can visit us in branch or call our Contact Centre on 1300 004 863 and our staff can help you find yours.

Is it safe and secure to bank online? We’ve got you covered.

Banking online safely and securely is our priority. We have enabled SMS authentication to identify you online by sending a security code to your registered mobile device.

We encourage all customers to switch over to SMS authentication and start banking online with SMS security codes.

I already bank online using a Security token?

You no longer need to tussle with our current security device solution, ‘VIP Services’. No need for the Security App or the physical token!

With a few simple steps through iBank, you can register yourself. Once logged in to iBank, you can go to My Options > Security Device to register for SMS Authentication.

What online transactions will require SMS authentication

The same online transactions and maintenance that currently require a Security Device – will now require an SMS code.

For example; external transfers to new payees, loading new BPAY details, changing a password or PIN, updating contact details etc.

What if I don’t use a mobile phone?

For customers that for any reason cannot use SMS authentication (due to no mobile phone, or live in an area without mobile service), you will need to call our Contact Centre on 1300 004 863 and our staff can assist you.

What do I do with the old security token or security app?

You can simple delete the mobile App from your smart phone and if you have a physical security token, you will no longer need it, simply return it to your nearest branch when convenient.

Still using a security token?

Security tokens will no longer be active from 31 March 2021.

As part of improving the online banking experience, Hume Bank has switched from using the physical token or Symantec.VIP Access mobile app to a simpler, secure SMS Authentication. The current physical token and Symantec.VIP app will no longer be active from 31 March 2021.

Existing Hume Bank customers can register for SMS Authentication through iBank today, just follow the simple instructions below. New to Hume Bank customers will be automatically registered for SMS authentication as our preferred service. 

  1. Login to iBank 
  2. Select 'My Options'
  3. Then 'Security device'
  4. And finally 'Register' for SMS Authentication.

Forgot your iBank password? We’ve got you covered.

  1. Hit the iBank symbol on the top of the Hume Bank website.
  2. Click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the iBank login page and follow the prompts. 

Tip: find your customer number on your latest bank statement.

What if I lose my security token?

If you lose your security token you must report it to Hume Bank immediately by phoning 1300 004 863.