Internet Banking with Hume

Internet banking offers access to a variety of services from where you are right now, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Managing your personal finances has never been more convenient.

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Take control of your banking

iBank is Hume's free and secure internet banking facility that enables you the convenience of branch-like access to your finances and account information at any time, from right where you are now.



Why choose iBank?
  • Transfer money between your accounts or to any account in Australia
  • Pay your bills online using BPAY
  • Write and send cheques
  • Save paper and time with electronic statements
  • Customisable to your needs
  • Accompanied by mBank, an internet banking portal tailored to your smartphone
  • View your transaction information online
  • Search for specific transactions up to 7 years prior
  • Keep track of interest earned and paid
  • Receive and accept offers tailored to your needs.
  • Schedule automatic future payments
  • Create and schedule batch transactions, importable from your accounting package
  • Export transaction details to your accounting package
  • Save payees for future use
  • Receive your bills online with BPAY View
  • Open a high interest iSave account online.
  • Security tokens provided for two factor authentication to prevent unauthorised login
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Monitoring systems to detect fraudulent transactions.
  • Daily transfer limits to mitigate loss


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Business iBank

Streamlined business banking

In addition to all the functions of personal iBank business iBank can:

Create transactions pending authorisation

  • Any account that requires more than one signature to authorise a withdrawal, can have one signatory create and store a transaction, pending authorisation. Another signatory can then log on at another time and approve the transaction for processing.

Integration with accounting software

  • Upload external transfer batches (eg payroll details) from your accounting package to iBank
  • Download account transactions to your accounting package. (Please note: not all of these functions are available on all account types or to all customers)

iBank administration module

  • Set up and manage accounts with varying access levels for different employees, from view only to full transaction capability.


If you need iBank with the Optional Administration Module, download and complete the Business iBank Registration form and drop the application into any Hume branch, fax it to 02 6051 3255 or post it to: Hume Bank, 492 Olive Street, Albury NSW 2640.


iBank Help

Quick Reference Guide


For quick answers to all things iBank, look here first. If you can't find your answer below, submit a query and we'll endevour to get back to you within two business days. Click open to expand help for each of the following categories.


Getting started with iBank

For help with registering, logging in for the first time, and navigating the functions and layout.

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For help on transferring funds, paying bills, paying cheques, batch transactions, setting up regular/future transfers, pending authorisations, saving payees for future use, and transfer limits.

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Managing accounts

For help with: Opening an iSave account, setting up and viewing eStatements, reviewing account and transaction information, setting up and changing your daily external transfer limits.

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Security Devices

For help issuing and activating your security device with iBank, as well as frequently asked questions.

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Ask a Question
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Trouble Shooting

Technical Help


As a rule of thumb, we recommend using the latest version of Internet Explorer,
Firefox or Chrome. Ensure that your browser:

    supports 128 bit security or greater security
    supports SSL3.0 security
    accepts cookies
    allows Javascript

Please consult your browsers help function for assistance with configuration
and browser settings.

If you experience problems accessing iBank here are some tips to try
in the first instance:

    Confirm your browser meets the criteria above
    Clear your browsers temporary Internet files (otherwise known as Cache).
    For more information refer to "Technical help - Q2. What should I do if I am having difficulties accessing iBank? "
    Refresh/Reload your screen by clicking on the appropriate button or by pressing [Ctrl] and [F5] on your keyboard.
    Ensure your browser's privacy settings are not set so high as to prohibit all cookies. If you wish to maintain high privacy settings, you need to exclude the iBank web site (www.ibank.humebank.com.au) from these settings.


You may need to clear your temporary internet files and cookies, clearing temporary internet files and cookies will remove stored data that relates to any website you have visited. This may include data that has become corrupted, or a website that has been changed.


Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer 8 Mozilla Firefox Chrome Safari (Windows and Mac)
  1. Launch browser
  2. Go to tools menu (hit alt on the keyboard if you can't find this)
  3. Select internet options
  4. Under the browsing history section click delete
  5. Click delete files and delete cookies
  1. Open browser
  2. Go to tools menu (hit alt on the keyboard if you can't find this)
  3. Select internet options
  4. Under the browsing history section click delete
  5. Ensure 'temporary internet files' and 'cookies' are ticked
  6. Select delete
  7. Click OK
  1. Open browser
  2. Go to tools menu (hit alt on the keyboard if you can't find this) and select 'clear recent history'
  3. In time range to clear select 'everything'
  4. Under details tick:
    • Browsing and download history
    • Cookies
    • Cache
  5. Select clear now
  1. Open browser
  2. Click the spanner icon (near the top right corner) 
  3. Click on tools and select clear browsing history
  4. Select 'the beginning of time' from the drop down box
  5. Ensure the following are ticked
    • Clear browsing history
    • Clear download history
    • Empty cache
    • Delete cookies and other site data
  6. Select clear browsing data
  1. Open browser
  2. Click edit (on windows) or safari (on mac)
  3. Select rest safari
  4. Ensure the following are ticked
    • Clear history
    • empty cache
    • remove all cookies
  5. Select reset


If you are experiencing this you will need to delete your temporary internet files (Also known as cache). Refer to "Technical help Q2. What should I do if I am having difficulties accessing iBank?" above.


If your iBank login page is not appearing when you click on the iBank link, it maybe because you have your Pop-up Blocker turned on.  You can leave your pop-up blocker on as you may need this when visiting other sites.  We recommend you allow our website in your Pop-up Blocker settings.  To do this please see below, depending on your browser as to where you can make the changes.


 Before beginning these steps please highlight and copy this webpage: *.humebank.com.au

Internet Explorer 7 and 8 Mozilla Firefox Chrome Safari (Windows and Mac)
  1. Open the browser
  2. Go to tools menu and select internet options
  3. Click on the privacy tab
  4. Under pop-up blocker section, leave pop-up blocker ticked and select settings
  5. Paste the above webpage (right click then paste) and ensure that only the webpage is pasted (no spaces before or after)
  6. Click add and then close
  1. Open the browser
  2. Go to the tools menu (hit alt on the keyboard to reveal tools menu at the top of the widow)
  3. Click options
  4. Select the 'Content' tab
  5. Click on exceptions:
  6. Paste the above webpage (right click then paste) and ensure that only the webpage is pasted (no spaces before or after)
  7. Click allow
  1. Open the browser
  2. Find the spanner icon (top right corner)
  3. Scroll down to select options
  4. Click the tab 'Under the hood"
  5. Click content settings
  6. Check 'Do not allow any site to show pop-ups'
  7. Click on exceptions
  8. Paste the above webpage (right click then paste) and ensure that only the webpage is pasted (no spaces before or after)
  9. Click OK
  10. Close
  1. Open the browser
  2. Click 'edit' (for windows users) or 'Safari' (Mac users)
  3. Ensure 'block popup windows'is unticked
  4. Visit the iBank website to test this has worked
  5. You may re-enable the pop-up blocker using these steps when visiting other sites, but be sure to disable it every time you visit iBank


You may have your Pop-up Blocker enabled. To see how to change this please refer to "Technical help Q4. What should I do if the iBank login page will not load?" above.


This is a security setting in your browser:

      1. Click Tools, followed by internet options
      2. Click security
      3. Click custom level
      4. Scroll down to downloads
      5. Both "Automatic prompting for file downloads" and "File download" should be enabled.


Please contact Hume on 1300 004 863


Your only five clicks away from eStatements!

eStatements allow you instant access to your statements on demand, whenever and wherever you want them.

Registration is online so it's even easier than walking to your mailbox. In fact, if you've registered for iBank, you're already halfway there! Just five more clicks and you'll never have to wait for your paper statements again.


  1. Login to iBank
  2. Go to ‘eStatements' and then 'eStatement Options’
  3. Select the account(s) for which you would like to receive eStatements, ensure your email address is correct (or enter one in) and click ‘Save’.

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