Hume Bank App

Great service meets easy access

The Hume Bank App brings together the best of our face-to-face service and digital capabilities. We’ve designed this custom platform to help you access our internet banking system more smoothly using your mobile device. It’s fast, easy, and can be downloaded and installed as an app or visited via your device’s internet browser.

Ready to go?

We don’t think banking should be hard. So we’ve made sure it’s easy to get started with the Hume Bank App. All you need to do is download the app onto your device and follow the instructions to set up your access.

Stay in control & up-to-date

Take control

Create budgets, plan savings, estimate loans and more with built-in financial calculators.

Reach your goals

Set a savings goal and track your progress towards it.

Make it personal

Set up your preferred quick balance account and your savings goals to stay on track.

Get more out of your online banking

While you can access iBank on your mobile device, it can be smaller and slower. That’s why we’ve created the Hume Bank App as a simpler and faster banking experience designed specifically for mobile devices.

What you can do

with the Hume Bank App

Check account balances
View past transactions
Pay and view bills using BPAY®
Transfer funds to internal and external accounts
Setup future and recurring transactions
Store new payees for future use
View your interest on savings and loan accounts

Make payments & manage your accounts

We’ve designed the Hume Bank App as a modern interface for your online banking. It gives you the ability to make payments from the devices you carry everyday, and manage your accounts online no matter where you are.

Check your balance

Login to the app to see your balance – even on joint accounts.

Transfer funds

Make and receive payments around the world. And share and save payments and transfer receipts.

Pay with BPAY

Make one-off and recurring payments more easily than ever with BPAY on the Hume Bank App.

Transaction history

Use the app to view and filter account transactions.

How to set up your Hume Bank App

1. Download the app

Download and install the app, remembering to read the terms and conditions.

2. Enter your details

Enter your current customer number in the first field and your current iBank number in the second field.

3. Choose how to log in

Select your preferred log in option from PIN, pattern or facial identification (iOS only).


Setup & registration

  • Is it safe to use my mobile device for banking?

  • How do I log in to the app?

  • What is PIN login, how do I use it, and is it safe?

  • I forgot my password/PIN, how do I reset it?

  • What is Quick Balance, and how do I switch it on/off?

  • Do I need to register for SMS authentication?

  • Does the app have a dark mode?

  • Can I add pictures to my accounts?

  • How do I log in to the new app?

  • How do I use the new app?

  • How do I nickname my accounts?

  • How can I enhance the screen contrast or colours to make the app more visible?

  • How do I adjust the text size on my device for easier reading?

  • How can I get spoken feedback from the app?

  • What if I find the background and text colours within the app hard to distinguish?

Payments & transfers

  • How can I find my account numbers?

  • Can I see my transactions in the app?

  • How can I make a transfer using the app?

  • How can I make a BPAY payment using the app?

  • Why is my external transfer failing?

  • Can I access the Hume Bank App overseas?

  • How can I find the interest rate and repayment details of my loan account?


  • I received the error "Maximum registration limit reached" - what does it mean?

  • I got my password wrong multiple times, what now?

  • Do accounts that require two to sign for transactions work on the Hume Bank App?

  • What should I do if I get a new device?

  • How can I rearrange the order of my accounts?

  • What if my device doesn’t meet the minimum operating requirements for the app?