Annual reports

Join us as we build a brighter future

Our annual reports are an important milestone. They represent a chance to talk directly to you, the customers at the centre of everything we do. To give you a small but important window into who we are and the journey we’re on.

The reports you’ll find on this page represent the time we take, each and every year, to reflect. To take stock of how we’ve done for the year, and to explore our hopes for the next.

We’re glad to have you on this journey to a future that’s not just better, but brighter.

Our most recent annual reports

As a customer-owned bank, we believe in a brighter future. Where our position in the community is one of trust and relevance. Where our impact is intertwined with our purpose. And where we are driven to create a better life for our customers, and to better support for our communities to flourish.

Join us on the path to a brighter future – for ourselves, our customers and our communities.

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