Banking for a brighter future

Why bank with us

As a 100% customer-owned bank, we donʼt answer to shareholders, so we can do things the others canʼt. Like paying it forward in our community and putting our profits right back into better products and services that benefit you and all our other customers.

As we move confidently into the future, with a spring in our step, weʼre excited to find new ways to positively impact our customers, community and planet.

At Hume Bank, the futureʼs not just better, itʼs brighter.

Putting profits back into better products

Everything we earn goes into making our products the best they can be – no matter if you’re a new, existing or returning customer.

Giving you the help you actually need

We know banking can be confusing. In person or online, we’ll give you up front and uncomplicated information to help get your head around things.

Paying it forward in ways that count

We use the power of banking to have a positive impact on the communities we are a part of, whether it be through sponsorships, grants or other means.

Bank brighter

At Hume Bank, we live by these two little words every day. Itʼs what drives us to bring you better value through our products and services. Itʼs what moves us to think more sustainably and give more back to the community that supports us.

In a nutshell, weʼre with you for the long haul! To make the little things, big things and everything in-between that bit brighter.

Committed to our community

As an organisation created by and for the community, we’re about being more than a bank. We want to make a positive change in our community, and that means investing where it really matters.

Today we support more than 200 community partners, charities and events annually through sponsorship, donations and in-kind support. And over the past decade, we’re proud to have contributed over $1.34m towards our local region.

More branches than most

As other banks close their doors, we open more. Hume Bank is proud to have the largest network of branches in the region.


Fundraising for local mental health services through our partnership with Border Trust.

Supporting local businesses

Every year we commit to supporting our community through sponsorships, donations and in-kind support.

We’re proud to be recognised across the banking industry...

Holding ourselves responsible

Saying we’re with you as a bank for life is more than a wishful idea, it’s a commitment we make to our customers to provide support, service and guidance when it matters. To be a bank for life, we know we have to do our part in building prosperous regions and communities to ensure a brighter future.

Join a brighter team

A career at Hume Bank is anything but transactional. We value our employees and take great pride in creating an environment that is flexible and rewarding.

When you join our team, we’ll work with you to identify your career goals and create a roadmap for achieving them. We understand that our careers have a significant impact not only on our own lives, but on the lives of those around us, and we believe that by investing in our people, we can create a better future for everyone.