Security & scams

Keeping you & your finances safe

As technology evolves, it’s more important than ever to stay safe online. Yet it can also feel more confusing than ever to know how to do that. At Hume Bank, we’re not just dedicated to protecting your finances. We’re also determined to arm you with the kind of straightforward, easy-to-understand information you need to keep yourself safe.

How we protect you

Looking after our customers is what being owned by you is all about – and your security is an important part of that promise.

Security updates

We constantly monitor our systems and your accounts for unusual activity – and will let you know if we find anything.

Latest technology

We’re constantly evolving the technology and processes we use to make sure your finances are safe with us.

Secure communication

We keep all communication safe and never ask you to click a link or share personal information in an email or text message.

What is a scam?

Scams are a way of tricking people into handing over their money or personal information.

Often, scammers pretend to be trusted people or legitimate businesses, and they make it their job to be very persuasive.

And, to make things even harder, scams are constantly changing – using new technology, products, services and events to contact and persuade their victims.

How you can protect yourself

It can feel scary and overwhelming when something goes wrong. That’s why it’s so important to protect yourself and stay alert. If in doubt, follow these three steps to make sure you stay safe:

1. Take a moment

Does a call, text, email or message seem a bit off? Take a moment to breathe and think things through.

2. Double check

Do some research, ask someone you trust or contact the person or organisation directly with a reliable number or email address.

3. Play it safe

If you have any doubts, trust your instincts. Get out of the situation and make sure your passwords and accounts are protected.

Keeping yourself safe

The best way to protect yourself is to know what you’re up against. Whether it’s protecting your everyday banking, recognising scams or staying safe online, our easy guides have got you covered when it comes to beefing up your security know-how.

Telstra customer?

Did you know you can help fight SMS and MMS scams by forwarding them to a new scam reporting hotline. Learn more