Tools to protect yourself

Explore the features that can help you bank safely

At Hume Bank, we take the safety and security of our customers seriously. We’re constantly looking for ways to help you ensure that your finances are safe – online and offline. As part of that process, we’ve got a suite of safety tools and features across iBank and the Hume Bank App.

Temporary card lock

Has your card been lost, stolen or compromised?

You can place a temporary lock on any of your Hume Bank cards through iBank and the Hume Bank App.

Doing so will give you – and us – time to make sure everything is A-okay. And if it’s not, we can take you through the steps to have the card canceled and reissued.

SMS authentication

SMS authentication is a secure, simple and free way to protect yourself when banking online. It allows you to take advantage of two-step verification, so that logging in requires a combination of something you know (your PIN or password) and something you have (a message on your phone).

If you enable SMS authentication with us, it will mean that for certain services and transactions we will send an SMS to your phone with a security code. You would then need to enter that security code before you could proceed. It’s an extra layer of security to make sure only you can access your online banking.

You can find out more about SMS authentication and how to set it up here.

Payment limits

To help protect you and your finances, we have payment limits in place for how much money you can withdraw or transfer in branch, online and at an ATM. You can always call us to discuss changes to these limits, but it’s best to keep to them wherever you can to reduce the chance of something going wrong.

In branch

You can withdraw up to $10,000 in cash at a Hume Bank branch. Withdrawals over this amount may require advanced notice.

At an ATM

You can withdraw up to $2,000 per day in cash from an ATM using your Visa Debit Card.

iBank or the Hume Bank App

You can make up to $2,000 of external transfers. SMS authentication may be required regardless of the transfer amount.

Travel notifications

We love to hear about your travel plans – and not just because they make us jealous!

Knowing where in the world you are helps us keep you and your finances safe. It helps us monitor potentially fraudulent activity on your accounts, while making sure we don’t restrict your card while you’re away.

Make sure you keep us up to date with the whens and wheres of your travel.

Identity verification & document signing

We’ve partnered with technology specialists to provide safe and secure ways for you to verify your identity and sign documents during your product application process. We’ve also integrated these two platforms so that you only have to go through the hassle of verifying your identity once during the entire application process.


DocuSign is an online digital platform that allows you to receive, review and sign loan documents electronically – and we’ll receive your signature almost instantly.

The platform is secured by some of the world’s most advanced encryption technologies and 2-step authentication, so you can be sure that your signature is safe.

InfoTrack WebVOI

InfoTrack WebVOI allows you to securely upload copies of your identity documents for assessment from any smart technology device.

With it you’ll be able to complete your verification in less than 5 minutes, all, with the extra protection of facial recognition and video verification.