Community Impact Fund

Support for our communities

The Community Impact Fund supports those in our community that are working to create positive outcomes for the region.

Each year, we set aside a growing amount of funds through our products and programs. These funds support the development of programs which increase the capacity, capability and resilience of our community and its people.

Partnerships of purpose

At the heart of our organisation is a deep commitment to our community. We’re all about coming together, making things happen, and creating a brighter future for our region.

Through the Community Impact Fund, we’re supporting community organisations, businesses, and charities that have an initiative or program designed to help our communities thrive and prosper.

Get the ball rolling

We’re always looking for organisations who care about our communities just as much as we do.If you have a great initiative, group or event that’s giving back to the local community, we would love to chat about ways we could get involved.

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