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Osko and PayID

With Osko, you have the ability to send and receive funds within minutes, 24/7 between participating banks. 

Osko is a faster way to pay friends, family and businesses across different banks, 24/7 (yes, even on weekends). Whether you’re paying a babysitter, splitting a bill or giving money to family for something urgent – the money will be there in minutes.

These fast payments can be made with a BSB and an account number, or alternatively you can utilise the PayID feature, which will allow payments to made to a mobile number or email address.

To learn more about Osko - click here

View Osko's Terms and Conditions

Not only are payments faster, they're also easier thanks to PayID.

The simple and faster way to pay


PayID is designed to work seamlessly with the new Osko service. A PayID is something easy to remember - like your mobile phone number or email address - that you register with us and we link to your account.

Then when someone needs to pay you, you simply give them
your PayID instead of your BSB and account number.

To learn more about PayID - click here

View PayID's Terms of Use

Use PayID and Osko through iBank and Hume's App . 
You can register your PayID and select to send payments using Osko.

Update your App today!

An important note about your Account Number

To ensure you can make full use of this exciting new development in banking, you need to be aware of and use your Account Number, starting with '111'.

When providing your account details for a payment to your account, it is important to only provide your PayID or your Account Number - not the number containing an "S, L or I", or any other number substitution. This will ensure any incoming payment reaches your account. You can even use your Account Number to transfer between two Hume accounts. 

Where can I find my Account Number?

Account information section in iBank
Through the 'i' information icon in the 'My Accounts' section of Hume Bank's App
Account statements


Need help?

Call our local Contact Centre on 1300 004 863

What you'll need to get ready


Most of your friends and family have your mobile number or email address in their contacts, with PayID that's all they'll need to make payments simple.

Just make sure your contact details in iBank are up-to-date!

Here's an example, for those 'the restaurant won't split the bills' moments.

No more awkward dinner conversations about who's going to spot the bill or IOU's. Ask your friends to pay straight to your PayID - the money will be there in minutes.



Your customers and participating banks will now be able to transfer funds to your business in minutes. Register your business with a PayID to make payments simple!

All you need to do is link your ABN or Organisation ID (business name) as a PayID by visiting a Hume branch. Then, when someone needs to pay you, simply give them your PayID.

Now with 280 characters of text, you can describe who's getting paid and why. 

Alternatively, you can link your mobile number or email address to a business account with us through iBank.

Here's an example, get paid on the spot for the work that you do.

No more chasing outstanding payments for the work you've done, balance your books in minutes by sending your payee a text asking them to send payment to your right now using your ABN, Organisation ID (business name), mobile number or email address.


Do I need a PayID to use Osko?

No, you do not need to register or create a PayID in order to perform an Osko Payment. 

What is a PayID?

A PayID is something easy to remember, like your mobile number, email address, ABN or Organisation ID (business name) that you can securely link to your Hume Bank account. When you want somebody to transfer funds into your account, you can give them your PayID instead of your BSB and account number. 

What accounts can be linked to a PayID?

Refer to the relevant account T&C’s for details on account eligibility.

How can I create a PayID?

You can create a PayID using your mobile number or email address for receiving Osko payments through iBank and Hume Bank’s App. You can create a PayID using your ABN and Organisation ID (business name) at any Hume Bank branch.

We will not create a PayID for you without your prior consent, and acceptance of our PayID Conditions of Use.

What types of PayID does Hume support?

  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • ABN
  • Organisation ID (business name)

How many accounts can I link my PayID to?

A PayID can only be linked to one account at any given time.

How many PayID's can I create?

You can create as many as you like, as long as you can prove to Hume Bank that that you are the rightful owner of the information (such as the mobile number or email address) you nominate as your PayID. 

Can I have multiple PayID's linked to the same account number?

Yes, multiple PayID types can be linked to the same account. For example you could link an email PayID and a phone number PayID to the same account.  

What happens if I need to lock, unlock, change, transfer or close my PayID

You can change, transfer or close your PayID that is linked to an account with us through iBank and Hume Bank’s App. 

You can request to lock or unlock a PayID at any Hume Bank branch. 

Are PayID payments secure?

PayID payments can only be made from iBank and Hume Bank’s App. This means the same level of security that protects your existing bank account transactions, will also protect your PayID transactions. 

Does PayID replace BSB and account numbers?

No, PayID does not replace BSB and account numbers. Rather, a PayID will act like a ‘pointer’ to your BSB and account number so you will no longer have to remember them. But you can still transfer to a person’s BSB and account number if that is what you prefer.

Will BSB and account numbers disappear?

PayID has not been developed to replace BSB and account numbers all together. There are no plans to remove BSB and account numbers from Australia’s banking system. 

What is Osko?

Osko by BPAY is the first consumer service to be built on the New Payments Platform and enables real time payments. Osko is available all day, everyday and allows payments to be sent and received in minutes. You can also use 280 characters of text to describe who’s getting paid and why. 

Do I need to update my App?

Yes, you will need to update your App in order to send and receive Osko payments and create a PayID. Download it here.

Why can't I transfer a payment using Osko?

You may need to check your transfer limit with us. Unless you nominate a different limit, your daily Osko Payment transaction limit will be set to align with your external transfer limit. Where you nominate a limit of greater than $2,000, you will be required to have or register for SMS authentication. We do not have to agree to your request.