Property inspection checklist

Get your ducks in a row with our essential inspection checklist.

Looking for property can be an overwhelming process – there are so many things to consider at every inspection! While it’s important to make your own personal list of must-haves and nice-to-haves, it won’t cover everything. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate checklist; to make sure you don’t miss anything as you explore the market for your dream home.


  • How close is it to shops/supermarkets?
  • Can you easily access public transport?
  • Are there any parks nearby?
  • Is there a lot of noise?
  • Are there good schools in the area?
  • Is there heavy street traffic?
  • Is there sufficient street parking?
  • Can you get good mobile reception?
  • Does the area have good internet access?


  • Do you like the layout?
  • Does it have the type and amount of rooms you’re looking for?
  • Are there any signs of rising damp (smells, bubbles in the plaster, dark or spongy timber)?
  • Is the house insulated, both walls and ceiling?
  • Are there cooling and heating systems that work?
  • Is the flooring in good condition?
  • Are there any cracks in the walls or ceilings?
  • Do all the doors and windows open/close properly?
  • Is the internal paintwork in good condition?
  • Is there enough light (natural and artificial) in the house?


  • Is there enough bench space?
  • Is there enough storage and cupboard space?
  • Are the kitchen appliances (stove, oven, dishwasher) in good condition?
  • Is there room for your white goods (fridge, microwave)?
  • Are the water pressure and tap seals good?
  • Is there a working exhaust fan and enough ventilation?
  • Are there enough power points where you want them?


  • Is there good water pressure?
  • Does the water heater have good capacity?
  • Are any of the taps loose or leaking?
  • Are the walls and tiles in good condition?
  • Is there a working exhaust fan and enough ventilation?
  • Do the toilets work properly?
  • Is there enough storage?


  • Will the bedrooms be affected by noise or light?
  • Are there enough wardrobes and storage?
  • Are there enough power points where you want them?


  • Are there fly screens?
  • Are there security screens?
  • Is there a working alarm system?
  • Are there compliant and working smoke alarms?


  • Are there any cracks or damage on the building?
  • Is the external paintwork in good condition?
  • Are the doors and windows watertight?
  • Are the foundations in good condition?
  • Is there moss or mold that could indicate drainage problems?
  • Is the guttering in good condition – without clogs, stains, holes or rust?

Gardens & fencing

  • Are the gardens well kept and secure?
  • Are the fences in good condition?
  • Is there enough outdoor space?
  • Is there outdoor storage?
  • Does it a garage or adequate car spots?