Open Banking

Your data, your way

Open Banking gives you greater control of your banking data. It was introduced after the Australian Government passed legislation, called the Consumer Data Right (CDR). Open Banking is designed to give you more choice with your banking, and to make it easier to access new products and services.

To access Hume Bank’s CDR policy see this document.

You can find more information about Open Banking on the Australian Government’s Consumer Data Right website,

Is it safe to share your data?

Protecting your information and privacy is our priority. Open Banking has privacy protections in place to help you share your data safely and securely. These protections include:

  • It’s your choice to participate in Open Banking and sharing your data with an accredited data recipient is by opt-in only.
  • You manage which data you want to share by using an online dashboard that we provide to you in iBank and you can cancel your permissions at any time.
  • Your data will be transmitted to an accredited data recipient through a secure connection. This connection is governed by strict terms and conditions defined by the Australian government about how your data must be secured.
  • Accredited data recipients can only access your data for up to 12 months.
  • You will need to re-authorise their access after this. You can ask an accredited data recipient to delete any data you have shared with them.

Information for developers

Open Banking allows developers to build apps and other services which access data held by financial institutions like Hume Bank, through use of Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Our APIs have been developed in accordance with the Consumer Data Standards.

The Hume Bank API provides access to information about our retail and business deposit and credit card products.

Information on the contents and use of the API is available from the Australian Consumer Data Standards. These standards have been developed as part of the Australian Government’s introduction of the Consumer Data Right legislation to give Australians greater control over their data.

Hume Bank’s Product API (for developers only):

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