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Cashcard changes

We’re always looking at ways to offer our customers better value products and services. One upcoming improvement is replacing our eftpos Cashcards with Visa Debit cards.

Why are you replacing Cashcards with Visa Debit cards?

We’ve changed our payment provider and part of this move is not transferring our eftpos cards over to the new payment’s platform.

What does a Visa Debit card offer?

All the benefits of a cashcard plus
• Ability to access your money when overseas
• Addition of Visa Secure – advanced security monitoring when shopping online

When will this change occur?

Impacted customers have been notified in writing of when their Cashcard will no longer work. For most customers this is 1 November 2023.

Will I be able to access my funds after this?

Yes. By opting into a Visa Debit card you’ll still be able to access your funds at an ATM or when shopping in store or online.

How do I get a Visa Debit card?

By visiting us in branch or by calling us on 1300 004 863.

What if I already have a Visa Debit card?

Fantastic! Now is the time to discontinue using your Cashcard. You can cancel it by contacting us or we’ll automatically cancel it on 1 September 2023.

How do I dispose of my Cashcard?

Ensure you securely dispose of your Cashcard by cutting through your personal details and disposing of it in the bin. Alternatively, drop it in one of our branches and we’ll securely dispose of it for you.

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