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Community partnership: Winter Solstice

Finding light in the darkness together

Our commitment to community

At Hume Bank, we are ever mindful that we’re an organisation born of the community to serve the community. Just like our customers, we’re locals who want the focus to stay on locals, and we are truly committed to helping create a brighter future here where we all live, work and play. 

We continue to invest in people and our region and support goals that benefit our community, not profit from them. So naturally we were proud to once again support the Winter Solstice on June 21, 2022.

Connection and support for those who need it

The Winter Solstice is a small community event that is having a big impact on mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Held in Albury and streamed online, this free community event was created by Survivors of Suicide & Friends – an organisation started by Stuart and Annette Baker following the loss of their daughter Mary to suicide.

Stuart and Annette have built an inclusive and supportive community that comes together once a year to remember the loved ones they have lost. In the 10 years since it started, the event has continued to grow and has hosted its first international speaker – Zak Williams, son of the late actor Robin Williams.

Annette is still amazed by the community support for the event, “As the longest night of the year, Winter Solstice is incredibly symbolic, and the Albury Wodonga community has made the event its own. They want to have these discussions and we often hear that it makes people feel less alone.”

She’s incredibly proud that the event is still going strong, thanks in part to the support of organisations like Hume, “It’s very important for us to keep it a free event, which is only possible thanks to the support of community organisations like Hume Bank. Hume Bank has been wonderful over the years. They are truly a community bank.”

Working towards a brighter future

Hume Bank has supported Winter Solstice since its inception, and in 2022 we were happy to fund the cost of a street banner promoting the event and purchase a table of 10 for the fifth Annual Mental Health Lunch, which raised more than $40,000 for Survivors of Suicide & Friends. We look forward to supporting the Winter Solstice for years to come.