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Hume Bank joins national fight against scams

Keeping our customers safe online is a priority – and that’s why we’re proud to unite with customer owned banks across the country and the Australian Banking Association (ABA) in the fight against scammers.

We know sophisticated scams are on the rise – and so is the impact on our community. In 2023 alone almost $430 million has been lost to scams.

Now the Customer Owned Banking Association, which Hume Bank is proudly a member of, and the ABA have joined forces to launch a new Scam-Safe Accord.

This Accord is a comprehensive set of anti-scam measures across the entire industry based on the principles of disrupt, detect, and respond.


  • Banks will deliver an industry-wide confirmation of payee solution to customers
  • Banks will take action to prevent misuse of bank accounts via identity fraud
  • Banks will introduce warnings and payment delays to protect customers.


  • Banks will invest in a major expansion of intelligence sharing across the sector.


  • Banks will limit payments to high-risk channels to protect customers.

How can you help protect yourself?

It’s important that everyone remains vigilant, and you can do so by remembering to:


Scammers often pressure victims through a sense of urgency. It’s vital to slow down, and not provide money, passwords or personal information to anyone


Ask yourself could the message or call be fake? Try to confirm who you’re dealing with through different channels


Act quickly if something feels wrong and contact your bank immediately if you notice some unusual activity or if you’re impacted by a scammer.

Read the full Media Release here 

Or for more tips and our online safety checklist download the latest copy of Brighter Life