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Hume Bank launches new ‘liteBlue’ variable home loan product

Hume Bank is excited to announce the launch of its newest home loan offering to our customers and broker networks, liteBlue.

For customers looking for a straight up low-rate variable home loan that’s easy to understand, we’ve created liteBlue. We added perks that make sense, like no ongoing fees and free online redraw. With liteBlue, customers can make additional repayments, top up is available and construction loans are included. And it’s suitable for both owner occupiers and investors.

Sitting alongside our existing myBlue fixed and variable home loans, liteBlue is in great company.

“myBlue is the fully featured product that our customers wanted. It’s award winning, has been received well by our customers, and has set the pace for others to follow. liteBlue is focused on providing a sharp low rate, with the essentials. A great alternative to those not chasing all the bells and whistles,” said Chief Innovation Officer, Jason Woolhouse.

The introduction of liteBlue gives our customers even more choice. It suits those looking for a home loan that has our lowest home loan rate plus great base features.

Find out more about liteBlue today.