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In Person Bank Impersonation Scams

Scammers targeting victims face-to-face

Customers are urged to be on alert with reports of a new scam which sees scammers posing as bank staff, including impersonating branch managers, and arranging to meet victims in person.

How does the scam work?

  • A scammer may tell the victim their card has been compromised. They’ll organise to meet with the customer at a location away from the branch. Then they’ll ask them to provide the supposed compromised card and the relevant PIN.
  • Another way the scammer may target someone is by telling them their accounts are compromised. After organising to meet  the customer face-to-face, they’ll convince the customer to withdraw funds and physically give the cash to the scammer.


  • We’ll never meet with you at a non-branch location.
  • We’ll never ask you to withdraw cash to provide to our staff for any reason.
  • Old cards should always be cut up before disposal or bringing them in to branch to be recycled.
  • We’ll never ask for your PIN.