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Shining a light on hidden disabilities

At Hume Bank, we’ve got a history of helping those who need extra support when it comes to banking. So, it made perfect sense for us to join with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program.

Through this program our customers with a hidden disability can indicate they need a little more assistance, support, or time to do what they’re there to do, by wearing a Hidden Sunflower item. Hidden Disabilities Sunflower originated in 2016 from Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom. Since then, it has grown with organisations all over the world signing up.

In Australia and New Zealand, 1 in 5 people are said to have a disability, with 80% of these being ‘hidden’. When something is hidden, it can go unrecognised, unsupported and/or misunderstood, leading to a detrimental experience for the individual.

All our team members are trained as Hidden Disability Sunflower ambassadors, which means they’re ready to help, should you need a little extra support.

We have Hidden Disability Sunflower items available at our branches. These include a green lanyards, badges/pins, and wrist bands. You can also use these items at other participating organisations.

While we acknowledge there is still lots to do in this space. We’ll keep working on finding ways to make everyone feel welcome.