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Why iBank?

iBank is Hume Bank's fully featured internet banking facility, designed to offer you secure and convenient access to your Hume Bank finances at any time, right from wherever you are now.

iBank allows you to:

  • Keep an eye on your accounts, balances, transactions, and interest
  • Transfer money between your accounts and to others
  • Receive and pay your bills online using BPAY 
  • Schedule automatic payments
  • Write and mail cheques
  • Save paper and time with electronic statements
  • Activate your Hume Bank debit or credit card
  • Open new accounts
  • Search years of transaction history
  • and much more...


Learn about these and more functions below.

Registering for iBank

Hume Bank takes online security very seriously. So to protect our customers iBank registration can only be conducted in branch or by calling our Contact Centre on 1300 004 863. To locate your nearest branch and opening hours, please click here.

If you're unable to reach a branch, please contact us on 1300 004 863 from 8am to 5:45pm Monday to Friday, or 9:30am to 12pm Saturday to make alternative arrangements.

Logging in for the first time

iBank can be accessed at any time from the button at the top right of every page of Hume Bank’s website. If you scroll up and you'll see it on this page too (but come back, there's more to talk about).

Once you click login, a new window will pop up containing the login page. If it doesn’t, that's generally because a pop-up blocker is preventing it from opening. Easily fixed, just see the trouble shooting tab above for help in allowing iBank as an exception to your popup blocker.

Once you’ve clicked the ‘iBank Login”, you’ll see a page just like this:


Here, you will need to enter your details including your customer number (A unique 5-6 digit number identifying you), your initial password, and your date of birth.

As this is the first time you’ve logged on to iBank, you’ll be required to change your initial password for security, where you'll need to keep your mobile handy for SMS authentication. Choose a password that contains upper and lower case letters, numbers, and a symbol for maximum security. Never choose a password that could be easily attributed to you (such as favourite colour, or sports team).

Once completed, you'll be able to access iBank and Hume Bank's App, using the same login details. 


Functions and Layout

iBank' design allows for quick and logical access to the functions you need the most, accessible from the menu bar at the top of the page. Hover across with the mouse, or tap on menus for touch based devices and the menu will expand revealing links to the functions within. 



For help with each of these functions, please refer to the help directory below.


Hume Bank's App: Banking App

What is mobile banking?

Designed for internet banking on mobile devices, it enables you to access Hume Bank's internet banking system, iBank, via the internet using your mobile device. It's fast, easy, and can be downloaded and installed as an app. See 'Hume Bank's App help' for more details.

What internet banking functions are available when I use my mobile to access Hume Bank's App?

You can...

  • Check account balances
  • View your last 100 transactions
  • Pay and view bills using BPAY®
  • Transfer funds to internal and external accounts
  • Setup future and recurring transactions
  • Store new payees for future use
  • View your interest on savings and loan accounts
  • Locate your nearest branch/ATM

What's the difference between using a mobile device instead of my computer to access internet banking?

Whilst mobile devices allow for internet browsing just like a computer, it's often smaller and slower. Hume Bank's App is a simplified, more mobile friendly version of iBank designed for faster access that will fit a mobile device. 

Do accounts that require two to sign for transactions work on Hume Bank's App?

No it doesn’t. If another signatory on the account has to approve a transaction electronically, this must be done through iBank.

Where can I find Hume Bank's App?

It can be downloaded via the Apple, Android and Windows app stores, or as a 'web-app', accessible via the web-browser on your mobile device.

The smartphone app is the recommended choice. 


How do I log in?

You must be registered in iBank before you can access Hume Bank's App. Once registered, your will acquire your customer number and password details needed to access Hume Bank's online services.

For Hume Bank apps for smartphone, your customer number and password combination will be required the first time you log on. After, it will be your choice of PIN (chosen at registration) or iBank password (customer number not required) that you use to log in. 

For the web-app, you will be required to enter you customer number and iBank password at each log in.

What type of device can I use to access Hume Bank's App?

Most current mobile phones running iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android (excluding tablets) can download Hume Bank's App.

What setting do I need to switch on?

To ensure the best experience, you should switch the following settings on (if you can):

  • Location via GPS (to use the smartphone-app's branch/atm locator)
  • Support HTML tables
  • Use foreground and background colours
  • Use background images
  • Show images
  • Support embedded media
  • Support style sheets
  • Load all content

Consult your mobile phone manual for assistance with these settings.

Can I access Hume Bank's App via my mobile when I am overseas?

Yes. However, roaming charges may apply unless you use a WiFi network. To find out more, please contact your mobile service provider.

Will I be charged a fee when I access Hume Bank's App via my mobile?

Hume doesn’t charge any fees to access Hume Bank's App via your mobile, however your current internet and mobile service providers’ normal charges will apply.

Online Security

What we require you to do to protect yourself when using internet banking

It is important that you take positive steps to protect your computer if you use it for internet banking. It is important to use only a trusted and secure computer to access your internet banking account. With any computer you use to access your internet banking account, we suggest that you:

  • Install reputable anti-virus and firewall protection on your computer because this provides additional layers of protection that you need to reduce your risk of exposure from viruses that can rob your computer of valuable personal information.
  • Remember that after you install virus protection you will need to regularly update the software, usually by installing patches (used to update or fix a bug in a computer program), so the protection remains current.
  • Use one of the recommended security devices (i.e. a security token or mobile token).
  • Keep your external transfer limit to the minimum required.

Using internet or mobile banking

When banking via the internet or via your devices follow these steps:


  • Always access our website by typing the address into the browser. Take caution when clicking a link embedded in an email.
  • Keep your computer up-to-date with anti-virus, firewall software and the latest patches. Confirm that your data is encrypted between your computer and Hume by looking for the padlock on the browser window. The padlock will tell you it’s a secure web-site.
  • Consider using a code or password to lock your devices when not in use.
  • Always log out from the internet banking menu when you finish your banking.
  • Close your internet browser after logging out at the end of each internet banking session.
  • Beware of any windows that ‘pop up’ during an internet banking session and be very suspicious if it directs you to another website which then requests your customer identification or password.
  • Do not leave your infrared and/or bluetooth and/or other remote access settings on whilst accessing Hume Bank's App.

Protect your access details

Avoid using passwords or PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) that are relevant to your personal situation. Passwords with telephone numbers, postcode, your name, or the name of a close relative and dates of birth are simple for criminals to trace. Create passwords with letters and numbers that cannot be easily attributable to you.

  • Always memorise your password or PIN and do not write it down or store it anywhere especially not on your computer or devices. You are responsible for keeping this information confidential.
  • Change your password regularly and don’t use the same password for other services such as your video store.
  • We will never send you an email asking you for your PIN.