Using iBank for business

Take advantage of iBank for your business

Believe it or not, iBank isn’t just for managing your personal finances. With specialised tools built with business owners in mind, iBank has the ease and flexibility to give your business – and the hard-working people behind it – a well earned boost. Here you’ll find a quick summary of the benefits, as well as answers to some common questions about how it works.

Multiple signatories

Create and approve transactions that require sign off from more than one account holder.

Easy integration

Integrate with your chosen accounting software with seamless uploads and downloads.

Levels of access

Set-up and manage access for key staff from view-only to full transactional access.

How could we work together?

Get in touch with our business banking team to chat about our product offering and how we can tailor it to your needs.

How to use iBank’s administration module

  • What is the Administration Module?

  • What access levels are available with the Administration Module?

  • How can I register for the Administration Module?

How to use batch transactions

  • What is a batch transaction?

  • How do I set up a batch transaction manually?

  • How do I set up a batch transaction automatically?

  • How do I schedule a Batch Transaction?

  • Can I copy an existing batch to make a new batch?

  • What if my batch contains errors?

  • What if my batch transaction exceeds my Daily External Transfer Limit?