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New look cards

To reflect our new branding, we’ve given our cards a makeover.

The new card design will show up in your digital wallet from 12 February. You’ll also start to see the physical cards transition over the coming months.

New features include:

  • A new design with four new colours, and our logo on the front.
  • All of your card information together, on the back of your card.
  • Flat printed names and card numbers.
  • Embossed dots to help our customers with low-vision identify each card.
  • A new notch to help our customers with low vision know which way to insert or tap the card.

And not only do the new bank cards look great, but they’re made right here in Australia from 82% recycled plastic.

When your new card arrives, you can drop your old card into any branch. We’ll arrange for it to be recycled and made into sustainable products, like bank cards, pipes, fence posts, decking and outdoor furniture.

Need help managing your cards? See FAQ – Managing your cards – Hume Bank

Need to report a lost or stolen card? See Get in touch – Hume Bank