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We’ll set you up with a free Visa Debit card, access to our extensive ATM network and 20 free withdrawals per month, which includes EFTPOS and withdrawals at Remote Westpac Group ATMs when you’re out of town.  All with no monthly access fees.

Plus if you're under 22 years old, have a qualifying Hume Home loan, or a term investment over $20k, then you'll qualify for fee exemption.

No monthly access fees

Free Visa Debit card with PayWave1

20 free quota transactions per month4

Access to Remote Westpac ATMs nationwide5


  • Fee exemptions available for qualifying customers

  • Free use of BPAY

  • Bank anywhere with fully featured internet banking and app


Account Balance

Interest Rate


Rates effective from 1 June 2017 and subject to change without notice. Unapproved debit balances incur interest at 15.90% p.a. calculated daily on full closing balance and debited on the last calendar day of each month. Interest is calculated daily and paid half yearly.


All Pupose Account Charges
Fee exemption applies to customers aged 22 or under, customers with a qualifying Hume home loan, or customers with a Hume term investment totalling $20,000 or more3
Number of transactions in fee-free quota 20
Eligible for linked account exemption Yes

The following apply after fee-free quota is exceeded:

Withdrawal - Cash at branch $1.50
Withdrawal - Bank Cheque (at counter or via iBank) $5.00
Withdrawal - Member cheque $0.80
Electronic external transfer at counter $1.00
Withdrawal - EFTPOS $0.50
Rejection - EFTPOS $0.50
Withdrawal - Remote Westpac Group ATM5 $1.50
The following transactions are not included in any fee-free transaction quota:
Withdrawal - Local Westpac Group ATM5 $1.50
Enquiry - Any Westpac Group ATM $1.00
Non-standard fees may apply – please refer to 'non-standard fees and charges' in our Fees & Charges document for details. 


Please read the Product Disclosure Statement and Fees and Charges (available in branch, by phoning 1300 004 863 or here) and consider whether this product is right for you.

1) Visa Debit card available to customers aged 14 and over.

2) Chequebook available to customers aged 18 and over.

3) Only one exemption is available per customer. The account will be fee-exempt, except for non-standard fees and charges, transactions at Local Westpac Group ATMs, enquiries at any Westpac Group ATM, and transactions at Remote Westpac Group ATMs after the first four such transactions per month. When you cease to qualify for fee exemption, the account will revert to the standard fee structure above. For details, please refer to the fees and charges document available here.

4) The following are classified as transactions for the purposes of calculating the fee-free quota: cash withdrawals at a branch, Financial Institution or Member cheques, EFTPOS transactions, electronic external transfers at counter, and successful cash withdrawals at Remote Westpac Group ATMs. EFTPOS, telephone, internet and regular payments debited from your account using your Visa debit card will all qualify as EFTPOS transactions for the purpose of calculating the quota. The quota applies to transactions in posted order; for example, for an All Purpose Account, the first twenty chargeable transactions occurring during any given month.

5) Local Westpac Group ATMs are Westpac Group ATMs in cities and towns where Hume has an ATM. Remote Westpac Group ATMs are Westpac Group ATMs outside cities and towns where Hume has an ATM. Remote Westpac Group ATMs can be found using our ATM locator.

You can find out how to reduce your fees and charges here.